Emotiv: Breaking new ground, again, with Insight

emotiv insight 2015 image

Emotiv, the bio-informatics company run by CEO Tan Le in San Francisco, California, recently released its newest entry into the brainwave reading headgear market, The Insight. After receiving the majority of their funding through a Kickstarter campaign (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tanttle/emotiv-insight-optimize-your-brain-fitness-and-per), they began…

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I Survived Another Meeting That Should Have Been An Email – Products

i survived another meeting that should have been an email image

It seems that there are a lot of office meetings that should never take place. Stickers A quick internet search revealed some stickers that are available for people to buy for their friends and co-workers. Click Here To Buy These…

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The Rise Of The Cryptocurrencies

Since Bitcoin took the stage over 3 years ago a lot has happened in the crypto currency world.  Over 10 dozen other cryptocurrencies have hit the stage (update: January 2015 – over 40 dozen) and a new world order has…

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Emotiv Update – Kickstarter Campaign A Huge Success

Controlling Things With Your Brain I wanted to give an Emotiv Update after penning this article way back in December 2012.  There is plenty of new stuff going on. Check out the details and presentations at Emotiv’s new Kickstarter Campaign.…

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Small Niches Like “The Annoying Orange” Rake In The Big Bucks

Folks that peek their head into making money in the business world are often surprised to find just how much money there can be in those tiny niches that most people have never even heard of. Have you ever heard…

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Types of Vascular Diseases

Medical science has literally found millions of new diseases and illnesses in the past 50 years. Every day it seems there is a new threat to our well-being and that of our families and loved ones. While cures are found…

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