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Editor Kurt Simula publishes a variety of Internet Websites including this one. CEO of a company called Mad Progress Marketing he spends a large portion of his time helping business owners tap into the power of Electronic Marketing through a variety of avenues including Social Media, Smartphone Apps, SEO, and more.

Psychic Power – Does Everyone Have It?

Even though a lot of people do not realize it, most of us possess some psychic power to at least one degree or another. As kids, a lot of us display this kind of skill but either do not know the way to recognize the information which has come to us or else have “learned” to ignore it.

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Annuities and Structured Settlements – Are They the Same Thing?

A lot of people are not really clear on the differences between annuities and structured settlements. Maybe it is because they have some similarities in the way that they perform in that in most cases they provide a monthly or yearly set amount of income. After that, the similarities pretty much end.

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