Tips to Find Quality Affordable Jewelry

Who wouldn’t want to fill their jewelry box with stylish fashion jewelry? And if you had enough money, you would indulge on fashion jewelry and designer jewelry and purchase fine jewelry for every special event.

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Amazon carries a fine line of quality jewelry, although they have a lot of cheap stuff too.

Sadly, most of us are not able to purchase expensive jewelry items, though we do have some extra money. However, you can still own a jewelry box full of luxury fashion jewelry and gorgeous jewelry accessories if you are clever enough to shop.

Don’t Buy Junk

Give up on buying cheap jewelry and purchase affordable fine jewelry which is made with quality and value in mind. Here are some tips to help you stay away from the really cheap stuff and get valuable items at a discount.

  • Select the materials very carefully. Jewelry comes in different varieties of designs and styles that incorporate an array of stones, metals and other different materials. When you are searching for quality fine jewelry, the first thing you need to know is what the jewelry item is made of. Titanium, platinum and gold are stylish, valuable and durable. Sterling silver is inexpensive yet is a high-quality material. Gems can be simulated or created, so don’t hesitate to check the gem descriptions very carefully. To make sure you are getting the best price you must know exactly what you are purchasing.
  • Know the difference between clearance, sale and overstocked jewelry. When you are searching for affordable jewelry, it helps a lot to know where to find the best deals. Jewelers tend to keep the jewelry items as a promotion of their stores, styles or brands and may not offer reasonable prices each and every time. Once the promotion has finished, the sale jewelry often return to its normal price. Clearance jewelry is a sort of jewelry that the retailers want to get rid of, and though the reasonable prices are available in this sort of jewelry, choices may be limited. Overstocked jewelry is the leftover from the clearance jewelry which were made as part of limited brand or collection. Overstocked jewelry is much similar to the clearance jewelry, but it is usually combined together in a place to provide a wide range of variety.
  • Be open about the design and style. You can become picky about the design and style and only select specific items if you have sufficient amount of money. On the other hand, when you are looking for quality, affordable jewelry, you need to be open about style. Choose the items that will complement your personality and fit into your wardrobe, but don’t be strict about certain brands or hunt for specific luxury pieces.
  • Stick to dollar per wear rule. Jewelry can be an investment, and following the dollar per wear rule is the best way to measure that investment. According to this rule, a jewelry piece is worth its price if it is worm sufficient times for every wear to equal a dollar. For instance, if you buy a necklace for $50, you need to wear it a minimum of 50 times to get the most out of your money invested.
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