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Can you handle your sewing machine service yourself?

The biggest challenge that may require most of a sewing machine owners’ attention is Dirt.  This is a main problem that you may encounter and have to service because it can easily rust out the metal parts and inhibit it to function in tip top condition. Always check the needles, bobbin areas, hoop assembly and other metal parts for lint, gunk and lubricants that have dried up. Once any of these likely scenarios are observed, immediately take a clean piece of cloth and wipe it off. Always lubricate the metal areas that consistently get in contact with each other to avoid rusting.

However, there will always be situations that may be far too much for an ordinary homemaker or tailor to handle. If the situation appears to be worse than the usual entangling and dirt related malfunctions, calling a professional for sewing machine service is the best and only option.

Top rated brands like Singer, Brother, Janome, Bernina etc. have their exclusive sewing machine service centers to assist customers with their needs. From simple customer care hot line for inquiries to all types of repairs, these manufacturers will make sure to keep their names on top by giving assistance to all their customers.

Sewing machine service is handled by professionals and the reason why most of the manufacturers have exclusive service centers of their own is the complexity of the technology they use and the availability of spare parts of course. If you are just too far away from your brand’s service center, you still have an option. Call for sewing machine service in an area near you! These repair service providers are professionals who are as knowledgeable as the technicians in an exclusive service center. The only drawback is they may require more payment than your brand’s distinguished service provider.

sewing machine needles and thread

Don't forget to replace your sewing machine needles from time to time.

No matter where you live, there will always be a sewing machine service that can solve your sewing machine problems. You can get a source over the internet, call your manufacturer’s hot line and ask for a referral or better yet inquire from a friend or relative if they know a good service provider that can help you.

To avoid encountering problems, always clean and lubricate your sewing machine. Change the needles from time to time because bended needles can harm the other parts of your machine as it can cause unsatisfactory stitches. If your machine cannot withstand long hours of continuous stitches, let it rest every one or two hours to avoid wearing it down.  Last tip: Always handle it with care and keep it away from moist environments; that way you can prolong the life of your sewing machine. Check out elna serger or brother embroidery machines.

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