Bedroom Chests Will Keep Your Bedroom Organized

Bedroom chests are really helpful storage units that can be used for keeping and organizing different items such as clothes, bed sheets, towels, and linens. Aside from offering a sufficient amount of storage space for your personal items, bedroom chests will also give you the opportunity to add to the décor of your room.

Bedroom chests are really elegant pieces that are both functional and aesthetically good to look at. These types of storage units are basically made with a set number of drawers that typically range from 3 to 6 in number. In addition to this, bedroom chests are also manufactured with small drawers on top that may either be solid or split.

Bedroom chests come in a wide array of types with some models being specifically designed for storing only a single type of clothing article. One of these bedroom chest models would be lingerie chests. Lingerie chests are bedroom chest varieties that are made with narrow and tall structures that are commonly equipped with 5 to 6 drawers.

As their name implies, lingerie chests are used for storing lingerie and other undergarments. Aside from bedroom chests used for lingerie and undergarments, there are also models of these that are designed for keeping jewelry pieces such as bombe bedroom chests. Different brands of bedroom chests include South Shore Furniture, Coaster, Chatham, Acme Furniture, and Woodbridge Home Designs.

Types Of Bedroom Chests

Lingerie Bedroom Chests: these types of bedroom chests are designed with tall and narrow bodies. As their name implies, lingerie bedroom chests are designed for keeping lingerie pieces. Aside from being used for keeping lingerie, lingerie chests can also be used in storing undergarments.

Door Chests: these bedroom chests are made with a set number of drawers and a cabinet on top. Door chests typically measure around 50 inches or less in length.

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