Choosing the Best Romance Movie for You to View

Everyone loves a good love story, and not everyone prefers the cheesy happy ending. What kind of romantic movie best suits you? This list of genre suggestions will help you choose the best romance movie for you to view!

Romantic Musical Lover – West Side Story (1961)

If you’re a fan of musicals, you’ll enjoy watching this retelling of the classic Romeo and Juliette love story.  The legendary Natalie Wood stars in this tale of love and tragedy set in 1960’s New York and filled with upbeat dance and fight sequences, touching romance scenes and beautifully written lyrics.

Torn Apart By Differences – The Way We Were (1973)

Maybe you met someone, had an intense love affair, but couldn’t quite make a life together work. If you can relate, watch Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford go through the same challenges as their personal politics and moral convictions tear them apart in this beautiful, realistic romance drama.

Love Lost and Found Again – The Notebook (2004)

Who can’t relate to lost love and young love? In this film adaptation of author Nicholas Sparks’ novel, Ally and Noah share an unforgettable summer romance in the 1940’s that is abruptly ended but rekindled years later when they meet again, despite the fact that Ally is now engaged.

Best Friend Lover – My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)

Got a thing for your opposite sex friend? Then this film just might be the best romance movie for you and you’re sure to enjoy watching actress Julia Roberts’ hilarious attempts to sabotage her best friend’s plans to wed, after realizing she is in love with him and wants to make good on a pact they once made to marry each other!

Romance movies come in many forms, because love itself does the same; but a movie you can relate to is often the best romance movie. Discover more movies including the best romance movie for you at, the top rated Consumer Reviews site.

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