Buying A Boat Fridge

boat fridge

When it comes to deciding what kind of fridge you should get for your boat, the main things to consider are the weight, capacity and energy usage of your marine refrigerator.

One of the most luxurious possible additions to any kind of boat is a boat fridge.

While these are not exactly cheap refrigerator freezers, they do offer many benefits.

Due to their great price, it is very advisable to clearly think about any such purchase before pulling out your credit card.

Some of the important items to consider are the weight, capacity and energy usage of your marine refrigerator.

The Weight of your Boat Fridge

It is a sad truth that appliances like marine refrigerators are not featherweights.

One of the major downsides or purchasing a particularly heavy and large boat refrigerator is that they can reduce your ability to carry other important supplies on your sailing expeditions.

The Capacity of your Boat Fridge

While you do not want an overly heavy fridge, you do want to be sure that any device you buy has a sufficiently voluminous refrigerator.

If you do not have enough space to store all your desired perishables, then your fridge is going to be of very limited use to you.  Plan carefully your storage needs, and buy accordingly.

The Energy Usage of your Boat Fridge

The electrical supply of a sailboat at sea is always problematic. While a diesel engine provides plenty of power on board a craft, they are very expensive to operate.

Having to regularly operate to recharge your batteries is not a cheap undertaking, fuel is very expensive.

Highly efficient fridges can reduce the requirements to run your engines, and can result in cost savings over time.

If you carefully consider all these items before making a purchase, you will no doubt make a sound purchase decision.   A quality boat fridge will be appreciated aboard any vessel they bless; they provide a lot of benefits for the boat owner and can greatly improve quality of life.

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