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Zip Disk Data Recovery Options

The advent of high capacity flash memory and external drives really put an end to the Zip disk technology. However, there are still many people holding onto their old readers, and consequently in need of data recovery services. This post…

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How To Password Protect Files And Folders

In an increasingly networked workplace it can be essential to know how to password protect files and folders so that only the right people have permissions to read/modify the contents. This article looks into how to do this using Windows…

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Free Ways To Fix Slow Computer Performance

As a computer ages it is prone to slowing down as more applications and faults are introduced. This article looks at some ways to fix slow computer performance without resorting to upgrades or purchasing software.

Start by looking at the applications that are currently/constantly running on the PC and how they may be improved. Open task manager and look at which programs are using the most RAM (via the ‘mem usage’ column). Close down the program if you don’t need it. Better still, remove it altogether.

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