Free Ways To Fix Slow Computer Performance

fix slow computer performance

Fix Slow Computer Performance

As a computer ages it is prone to slowing down as more applications and faults are introduced. This article looks at some ways to fix slow computer performance without resorting to upgrades or purchasing software.

Start by looking at the applications that are currently/constantly running on the PC and how they may be improved. Open task manager and look at which programs are using the most RAM (via the ‘mem usage’ column). Close down the program if you don’t need it. Better still, remove it altogether.

If the program is non-essential but you still wish to use it then double-check you have the latest patch installed (the latest update generally is the fastest). Also check user forums and the product’s own support site for mention of performance problems and any potential ways around this.

Next, you will want to run an anti-virus scan and run Windows update. This will fix PC errors relating to bugs that could damage system files/processing and the updates guarantee you have the latest, most optimized drivers and system programs.

Now, turn your attention to the hardware efficiency. In particular, you want to check the RAM and disk usage settings are optimized. The hard drives should all have 10% left free for virtual memory. Just remove unused programs and temp files (Disk Cleanup utility) to help clear some space.

With the free space established you can check the virtual memory setting is optimized via the page file (in XP this is in system /advanced/ performance options). Keep the maximum size above three times your system RAM size. Whilst in ‘Performance Options’, disable some of the visual effects to reduce the strain on your CPU. Lastly, defragment all disks (Disk Defragmenter utility) to speed up disk read times.

Next time you need to a fix slow computer issues, try these tips out before considering doing RAM upgrades.

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fix slow computer performance

Fix Slow Computer Performance


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