Tips when making international calls

Most of you know people abroad and are always on the lookout for cheaper ways to call the Philippines or other countries. If that is the case you will no doubt know that using a VoIP Service is the best way to get value for money when making international calls.

In years gone by if you were to make an international call it would have been very expensive and you would have to be aware of how many minutes were remaining on your calling card before making an important call back home in case you ran out of minutes and got cut off.

With the increases in internet speed using VoIP you can now make video to video calls to any one who has a broadband internet connection. You can also make cheap calls to Philippines landlines and mobiles

Voice over Internet Protocol is the technology that has enabled the whole world to communicate for free. This has helped people from all parts of the world to stay in touch with distant relatives in far off places. All that is required to make free international calls is a computer with broadband internet connection. Once you register with a VoIP Service provider you will be ready to make your first call.

If like many people you are not comfortable using a computer and talking then you can choose to get a Skype Phone. It operates just like a normal phone. You can even dial out international numbers from this Skype Phone. It uses the broadband internet connection to enable you to make free international calls.

Apart from Skype, Vonage also offer a great calling solution. For a set monthly fee, it is possible for you to make cheap calls to Thailand and Philippines from UK by dialing an access number before dialing your international destination.

When looking at cheap international calling packages you will need to evaluate what your budget is and determine what is the best way to call Philippines and stay in communication with your family.

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