Fabulous Features of Motocross Helmets

Motocross can be traced back to its French etymology, roughly meaning “motorcycle cross country”; though it was first known as scrambling, a British-based racing event.

It is a type of all-terrain vehicle or motorbike sport competition held on blockaded off-road tracks. Motocross (off-road) helmets are designed with the primary goal of ensuring safety to the rider. They are created to provide excellent protection to the person’s cranium during collision, hence averting or greatly reducing possible head wounds, damage, and in many cases save the rider’s life.

Good ventilation, ear protection, face shields, and intercom are some bonus conveniences that many of these safety-conscious helmets provide.

custom motocross helmets

A custom motocross helmet can make your ride a lot more comfortable.

The off-road helmet is distinguished by its visibly elongated chin, sun visor portions, and has a partly open face to provide the rider with ultimate safety when sporting goggles. The sun visor is designed to shield the biker’s eyes from the sun during jumps.

Though chin bars were not included in the original custom motocross helmets, the updated contemporary off-road helmets incorporate an angular, instead of round, chin bar, which offers a shield from flying debris and dirt, as well as extra protection against potential facial impact. This way, a person who uses a chin bar and goggles has the same defense as one who uses a full-face helmet.

Additional features include but are not limited to, an aerodynamic composite poly-alloy shell design, easily removable and washable hypo-allergenic helmet deluxe lining and cheek pads, an integrated mouth guard, screw-on visor, chin strap holder, detachable roost deflector, and offers abundant space around the ears for speakers.

Many motocross helmets are DOT and SHELL endorsed and offers a Lifetime Warranty. Most also have a 3-point chin ventilation which effectively channels excessive heat away from the head. Aside from all the amazingly valuable, effective, and safety-providing features listed above, motocross helmets have a clear-coat shiny finish making them extremely stylish, trendy, and will make you the talk of the town!

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