The History of Drafter Jobs

Design drafter jobs began long before most people think.  There were drafters in ancient history like the drafters who designed the pyramids in Egypt.  The difference between today’s drafting job market centered on contract cad drafting jobs and how the career began are amazing.

When we think of the first drafting jobs we probably picture a slanted drafting table, pencils, and tracing paper.  The truth is that drafting began long before pencils, drafting tables, and special drafting papers were invented.  It is probably that drafters have existed since the first large structures were built thousands of years ago.

Several centuries ago drafters worked standing up, leaning over drafting tables.  They used ink as pencils had not been invented.  They even had a separate table to rest the ink on so that it would not accidentally get spilled on the draft that they were working on.  The cramped positions they worked in and the long hours that they kept were very hard on drafters’ bodies.

Drafting evolved as new writing and drawing utensils and papers were created.  With the creation of the pencil and eraser drafters jobs became much easier.  Before these items were invented drafters had to completely restart a draft if it had a mistake.  When tracing paper was invented it became easier for drafters to copy a part of a current draft.

For decades drafters continued to draft with special papers, pencils and pens.  The biggest change in drafting came with the creation of drafting programs on computers. Since the first drafting program was created almost all drafting has been moved onto computers.  Now drafters must be trained in the use of computers and drafting programs and actual sketching by hand is much less important.  With the changes in drafting since it’s beginning, we can only imagine what drafting will be like in another hundred years.

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