Three Reasons to Avoid White Dresses

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Wearing the right wedding dress and colors can make your digital wedding photography the best it can be.

There are many reasons that you should carefully consider every aspect of your wedding planning. However, not many brides put much thought into the flower girl dresses. There are three really good reasons you should avoid short or long white dresses for this purpose at all costs.

First, you want you stand out at your wedding. You should be the only person in that building wearing white. Some mothers of the bride wear an off white pants suit or something similar, and that is okay. But the only one wearing a white dress and looking like a princess should be the bride.

Making the event fun for the flower girls is a great goal, but you can make them feel like princesses without letting them look better in white than you do. You can provide them with some darling jewelry to help them look their best. It is, after all, your wedding. Their turn to wear white will come along soon enough.

Secondly, white stains—badly. It is entirely too easy for a child to spill something on their dress and ruin it forever. Not only do they ruin a dress that their parents had to spend money on, but they also ruin your digital wedding pictures that you spent money on. Parents like to keep flower girl dresses for future use, and they cannot do that if it is completely stained up. Other colors suit much better, such as light or dark pinks, light blues, or even gold, just be sure to avoid wool clothing if it is going to be a hot summer day.

Finally, white dresses are not conducive to outdoor weddings or rainy seasons. If it gets muddy at all the bride will have a time keeping her dress mud free and beautiful. Can you imagine trying to keep a child’s white dress beautiful and pristine between the chapel and reception for more wedding photos?  It would be nearly impossible. If there is any chance of inclement weather at all, you should choose darker colors and shorter dresses, just in case.

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