What Business Model Is Right For You?

OK, so you’re thinking about going into business. A wise decision that is, no one really wants to work for the man and be under someone else their whole life.  There is big money to be made by becoming your own boss, and many people are testament to that already.

It’s not always as easy as some people make out though, you can’t just quit your job and this time next year you’ll have loads of companies bringing in the millions (Although it has happened this is the exception).  No, in reality is requires a lot of hard work and dedication. On top of that, it needs a good idea and for you to pick the right business model.

email marketing programs and making online money

When building any sort of business whether it is by using email marketing programs or other methods it can get very expensive you have not done all of your market research first.

When I talk about business model, I mean as in what exactly it is you’re going to do. Are you going to run a home based business and get all your customers from mailing list companies, or are you going to go into a bigger more expensive area such as being a shop owner?

These decisions you make while not only be based on what you want to do in life, but also what you can afford. Say for example you only have one grand to your name when you went to start up your own business. You wouldn’t be able to start up a shop. In fact, you couldn’t start up any type of big business in the ‘real world’.

If this was the case, you’d be better off starting an online business.  These are very cheap to set up run as well. You use your own house so don’t have to worry about office space, and you can do a lot of the promotion via email marketing programs so don’t have to worry about that expense either.

I’d suggest anyone new to business starts up an online one first.   Then if they’re successful there, move on to the bricks and mortar so to speak.

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