Get Prepared And Informed Upfront For A Cheap Divorce

cheap divorce

What do you need to know in order to get a cheap divorce?

The most important advice for getting a cheap divorce is to be prepared and informed up front.  It’s far cheaper for you to gather together all the required information such as your employment income – or if you are long term unemployed the benefits of unemployment extension you are receiving – your property assets, investments as well as any agreements you have already reached with your spouse, than to ask a divorce lawyer to do so on your behalf.

It’s also vital that you are informed about divorce rules that apply in your state as well as the steps the divorce proceeding needs to take until it becomes official.  Again don’t waste hours in meetings with a divorce attorney where he or she explains this process to you and then charges you for the time.  If you meet with an attorney already armed with knowledge about how divorce rules work and with all your facts and documentation ready, you’ll be starting off with a detailed understanding of your case and have a good idea what you need from the attorney.

In fact if you are organized and prepared with all the documentation and facts needed for your divorce, you may not need the services of an attorney at all.  It’s also important to realize that you don’t necessarily have to retain a lawyer full time but can seek legal advice on as as-needed basis.  If you retain a lawyer, this often has the effect of elevating the situation, especially if your spouse now feels they also need to be legally represented, and you’re far more likely to end up in court.

A cheap divorce is by nature normally less conflict ridden, faster and less stressful.  So not only do you save money, you’ll probably end up with a better relationship with your ex-spouse and be able to move on with your life quicker, which, after all, should be the whole point of the exercise.

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