Gold Panning is a Fun and Inexpensive Family Hobby

If your family is like my family, we are constantly looking for ways to spend quality time together without breaking the family budget. It can be difficult trying to find an activity that the entire family will enjoy that is also affordable.  Of course the entire family would love going to Disneyland but that’s quite expensive and time consuming.  More and more families these days are turning to outdoor activities like gold panning.

gold panning

Gold Panning supplies are quite inexpensive.

Your family is sure to love the time they spend together panning for gold.  As parents, you’re sure to love how inexpensive this hobby actually is.  You won’t have to spend more than $100 to get the entire family set up with everything that you will need to enjoy this hobby as a family together. All you’ll need to buy are a few plastic buckets, some gold pans, some shovels, and a couple of little odds and ends such as plastic eyedroppers and plastic bottles.

The best way to learn any new hobby is to seek out people who already know the hobby well and are willing to share what they know.  If you want to learn the inexpensive hobby of gold panning, you are best off if you join your local gold panning club. These clubs will have many members who are very interested in helping new members and their family learn this fun and exciting hobby.  Many will have gold jewelry to show you that they have made from their finds. They usually will have several weekend gold panning adventures that your family can go on and learn from the seasoned pros.

There are many people in these gold panning clubs that will be great resources for teaching you how to enjoy the hobby of gold panning.  As friendly and helpful as these people are, they are just as secretive about their favorite hot spots.  Not many people will likely tell you where you should go to pan for gold. They want to keep these secret spots reserved for themselves.

gold panning maps

Your family will enjoy being outside whether they are gold panning or not.

The best way to find your own hot spots is to look in places where other people have already found gold.  The best way to know where other people have already found gold is to use the web site  You can buy gold panning maps from this website that will include the locations of every licensed gold mining claim in your area.

The maps are state specific so if you live in Arizona, you would purchase Arizona gold panning maps. After you know where other people are already finding gold, you can search for gold in similar places of the same creek or river system.

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