Hoodie Sweatshirts – Can You Really Afford To Live Without?

Back in the days that crewneck sweatshirts for men weren’t even popular I was already wearing a whole bunch of them. Not all at once, ofcourse. But I did enjoy wearing them on all sorts of occasions. I did a lot of jogging back then and I mostly preferred to wear hoodie sweatshirts to protect my head from the cold.

I still prefer hoodies over crewnecks to this very day and I am not alone in this. The hoodie has become very fashionable and you can spend a lot of money on designer hoodies these days. I prefer to stick to the cheaper ones, because I feel they make me look just as good without having to break the bank for it.

If you would like to try on a hoodie one of these days, you had better start out with a cheap one such as this Russell Athletic Dri Power zip up fleece sweatshirt for men. It’s a great shirt and I really like it myself. I bought it on sale and have never regretted my purchaes. If you’re hell bent on getting a designer fleece sweatshirt from a company such as Billabong, then you will have to cough up a little more than a mere thirty bucks. But you can still try a regular shirt at first to see if you are a hoodie person at all. Girls can also wear hooded sweatshirts. But girl’s hoodies must always be a little bit tight fitting. Loose fitting sweaters don’t look good on women.

Most people that buy regular hoodies at low prices, are perfectly content with them. But some people are not, because they feel the stitching comes loose to quick. Others feel that the colors are fading too fast after only a couple of washes. In this case, you should probably try out a brand hoodie one of these days. These are made of a longer lasting material which isn’t going to come loose at the seams just like that. If you don’t want to pay the full price for brand hoodies, I completely understand. They are pretty expensive. But there are always great bargains to be found on the web, so have a look around to save yourself some money!

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