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Are all drivers in Texas required to have insurance?

Every driver in Texas is required to have car insurance. If you are caught driving without insurance there can be some serious and expensive consequences. In addition, you may lose your driving privilege. Texas law allows your vehicle to be towed to an impound yard if you are caught a second time without insurance. The best rates on car insurance are found by comparing Texas car insurance quotes.

The fines and penalties for being caught without insurance are truly mild in compared to what you might pay if you are actually involved in an accident without insurance. According to the law, you are financially responsible for the repair of the vehicle and their medical bills. If that vehicle you just damaged is a fairly new vehicle, you may owe 20,000 just for the car. In addition, consider the cost of a week in the hospital for all four passengers in the other vehicle.

Also realize, that to this point, nothing has been said about the cost of replacing your vehicle or your medical bills. Suddenly, the cost of liability insurance seems like a real bargain.

It is relatively easy to compare insurance quotes. Many companies offer instant online quotes. You should have three or four quotes on hand to compare rates. When comparing rates, remember that there may be an additional service charge if you choose to pay monthly car insurance premiums. Some companies charge as much as ten dollars per month for the monthly payment option, so be sure that you keep these fees in mind in your comparison.

Texas car insurance quotes are the first step to being sure that you meet the requirements of the law. Drivers without insurance can face serious financial burdens if they are involved in an accident. The best assurance of protection is to have insurance.

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