Indoor Air and Your Health

There is the potential to experience ill health effects from indoor air pollution soon after the exposure or it could happen years later.  Immediate effects could show up after a single exposure.  For example, headaches could develop from certain paints if you are painting your walls.  Eyes, nose, and throat ailments may appear as well as dizziness or fatigue.  These sudden onset of effects are usually short term in duration and very treatable.  One treatment option is to remove the person from the source of air pollution if it is easily identified.  Other ailments such as hypersensitivy pneumonitis and humidifier fever can show up a bit later to some indoor air pollutants.

If a person has a pre-existing medical condition, this condition may influence the development of an immediate reaction to indoor air pollutants.  Sometimes the immediate effects appear similar to those of a common cold or other viruses so it could be difficult to determine if the symptoms are a result of the person’s exposure to indoor air pollutants or a real common cold.  To determine if it’s air pollution, you should take notes.  Pay attention to the time and place when the symptoms occur.  For example, if the symptoms go away when you away from your home, but as soon as you return home they start up again, it is wise to search out the cause of the air pollution.

The most problematic effects are those that show up years later.  This kind of exposure is long-term, with chronic and often time low-dose repeated exposures to indoor air pollutants.  It’s hard to find the cause of these health problems because they have been simmering for years.  A great idea to combat these issue from ever happening is to buy Alen air purifiers or Blueair 402 air purifiers.  These air purifiers may be able to enhance the quality of your home’s air by decreasing the level of indoor air pollution.

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