Job Interview Questions – Practice Makes Perfect!

When you walk into a job interview, it can seem very daunting and scary. Those faces staring back at you and judging you can be nerve wracking and even though you know that no harm will come to you, you can’t help but be nervous. Wouldn’t it be better if you could have just had a practice run before you went for your interview? Well now you can!

Job interview questions are often different depending on the type of job you are going for. If you are a salesperson then they may ask you to do a little bit of role play, if you are a cashier then they may want to know what previous experience you have (source:  Jobfox article on scams).

Although these questions differ from job to job, there are a few questions that you will find in almost every job interview. The most common question is “describe yourself”. When faced with this question without any practice, you can stumble on words, take some time to decide what to say and even come out with a few bad choices. By practicing this at home, you can be prepared and rehearsed for the questions.

Another common question is “what are your strengths and weaknesses?”. You can answer this as honestly as you like but remember to accentuate your strengths and play down your weaknesses. Answers such as “my weakness is my attention to detail which can sometimes affect my efficiency” are a good way of putting a positive spin on a negative (click here for more examples of how to do this).

When talking with an interviewer, you should always try to be confident. Not so much that you come across as cocky but enough that you don’t appear shy. Keep eye contact, don’t fidget, sit up straight and look interested when they are talking to you. Take a few seconds to think through any questions before answering and always ask questions at the end, even if you already know the answer. By practicing these interview questions, you should be ready to have a great interview, make a really good impression and get the job!

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