Finding $200 Laptops

200 dollar laptop

With the advent of the netbook, $200 laptops are now becoming a reality.

Finding $200 laptops is a lot harder than I thought it would be, but it is possible if you look in the right places and have the understanding that you won’t be getting a top of the line Apple laptop for that amount. Below we’re going to take a look at a few places where you can get laptops under $200 dollars.

Craigslist – Almost every big city I know of has a pretty active Craigslist and I’m really surprised how many laptops are for sale at incredibly low prices. Of course they are going to be used, but they still work great and you avoid the majority of the cost of a new laptop with almost all of the benefits.

Law Firms – Get a laptop from a law firm for $200 dollars? You probably think I’m crazy, but believe it or not law firms always stay extremely uo-to-date on technology and because of this they always have very new laptops that get offered up to the other employees. The hard part is finding someone you know that is in the legal field.  If you can you’ll get the best possible laptop for under $200 actually.

Amazon – While all of the top 10 best selling laptops on Amazon’s list are well over $200 dollars, if you head over to the best selling laptops at and look around you’ll find some in the $300 dollar range and a few brand new ones for around $200. In fact I found one for $224 just yesterday that I recommended to someone at work.

You’ve always got other options like purchasing from friends or family, but that can always be awkward if something happens to the laptop shortly after purchasing it.

The best advice I can give for someone who is set on spending $200 or so on a laptop or Asus netbook is to take your time. You’ll find one, and recently it has become quite easy.  If you shop at it is a lot like buying a regular $500 or $600 laptop where you walk into the store, say “this one is nice”, and walk out with it 15 minutes later.

Don’t forget to pick a good laptop bag to carry that laptop around in though, I’d hate to see your new laptop broken in the first week.

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