Why You Don’t Have To Pay A Dental Malpractice Lawyer

Believe it or not, but you can actually get a dental malpractice lawyer working for you and he won’t charge you any of his regular fees. As a matter of fact, he might end up providing his services to you for months or years and at the end of the litigation still not see a single dime of compensation.

So from the perspective of a dental or medical malpractice lawyer, taking a case where a patient became a victim of an oral health care provider’s misconduct or negligent behavior, bears a risk. But on the other hand, if the case is a success, the lawyer will get compensated, usually through the malpractice liability insurance coverage the doctor carries. Big time.

Here is how it works. The aforementioned scenario is called a contingency contract between lawyer and client. As I had mentioned, the lawyer will represent his client in court or in negotiations with the defendant’s insurance company attorney – however, he will not charge his regular fees.

If the case is lost, he will not receive any money at all. However, if the client is awarded monetary compensation for his personal injuries, his dental malpractice lawyer will be entitled to receive a share of the compensation package.

Dental malpractice has turned into a very lucrative enterprise for many medical malpractice lawyers. That explains their aggressive TV ads, seeking clients and trying to make big bucks. But nonetheless, the clients profit from this situation, too.

What most malpractice lawyers offer in addition to what I just explained is free consultations. This can be very important for anybody who sustained an injury while in medical treatment, however, is uncertain as to whether or not his injury provides sufficient legal grounds for a compensation claim.

Lastly, all claimants are advised to familiarize with the Statute of Limitations. This laws sets forth strict time lines in which a claim must be filed.  Either way, you can be sure that your dentist has some sort of employers liability insurance to cover any personal injury claims against them and to protect themselves and their business from any and all kinds of lawsuits that may arise.

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