The Two Basic Forms Of Lighting

outdoor string lights

Outdoor string lights make your backyard, patio, or garden walkway more ambient and safer at night.

Lighting is described as the use of any type of light to achieve a desired effect.  It can utilize the natural source of light like the daylight through the windows or doors.  It can also make use of the artificial sources like lamps, chandeliers, and outdoor string lights.

Lighting is essential in assisting us with our tasks. For example, we need kitchen room lighting to be able to see clearly the food that we are cooking and preparing.  We use bathroom lighting to be able to clean our faces and brush our teeth before going to sleep.

We need street lighting, like lamp posts, on the roads to be able to walk safely back home.

There are two basic forms of lighting and these are indoor lighting and outdoor lighting.

Indoor Lighting

A table lamp is one of the most commonly used forms of indoor lighting. It can be found in houses, offices, hotels, restaurants, resorts, and many other places.

Ambient lighting is provided by ordinary lamps, such as torchiere floor lamps on tables and stands. Task lighting is given by desk lamps and study lamps on study or office desks.

A recessed light is also known as pot light or can light.  A recessed light comes with a fixture and is attached to the ceilings of the house or an office. It provides light that is directed downwards.

Outdoor Lighting

A Street light is used to lighten up roads at night.  It is utilized to give enough light when driving or walking on the roads and prevent accidents and lessen crime rates at night.  A floodlight is utilized to light outdoor playgrounds or playing fields at night.  Landscape lighting is used to light up the areas around houses and other buildings.

Outdoor lighting is not only for decorative purposes or for accomplishing tasks in the house or office, but it also prevents accidents and injuries from occurring and discourages the existence of criminals, especially at nighttime.  It is created to finish our duties easier, provide our homes with a great atmosphere, and also to keep us safe from harm.

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