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Scabies is a tiny mite that burrows beneath human skin, causing intense itching. How do you know if it is the cause of your rash?

One of the hardest skin diseases to get rid of is scabies. Scabies is a tiny mite that burrows beneath human skin, causing intense itching.  How to know if scabies is the cause of your rash?

One thing that can help is pictures of scabies. Looking at pictures can help you see what the normal rash looks like.  You can then compare it to your own body.  That way, you can see whether or not your rash resembles the normal scabies rash.

First, look at where the rash is at.  Scabies is most common on the folds of the body.  You find it often in the webs between the fingers, the wrist, the back of the elbow, and around the waist.

Next, look with a magnifying glass at the rash.  Do you see S shaped burrows?  If your magnifying glass is strong enough, you may even see a tiny black dot at one end. This is the scabies mite.

Other symptoms of scabies include a bumpy red rash and intense itching, especially at night.  If your itching worsens drastically at night, scabies may be the cause.  The mite is more active at nighttime.  The bumpy red rash is due to an allergic reaction to the mite, so not everyone will have this.

Scabies Treatment – How To Treat Scabies

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If you have identified the fact that you have symptoms of scabies it’s important to seek treatment right away.  You will need to treat everyone in the household at the same time, including pets.

You will also want to clean the house thoroughly, washing all clothes, sheets and towels in hot water with a soap or detergent specifically designed to kill them and then drying your laundry on high heat. 

You also may want to put plastic on the mattresses and pillows for a few months to kill any eggs.

Scabies is hard to treat, but not impossible.  Prescriptions must be followed precisely, and the house must be sterilized as thoroughly as possible to prevent reinfection.

It’s best to eradicate this bug as soon as it is found to prevent future infections.

There are a variety of natural cures and treatments for scabies, as well as topical creams, soaps, and lotions.

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