Post Breast Augmentation Personal Care

There are some things to be aware of after you have breast augmentation surgery. Flickr

If you have undergone breast augmentation your new breasts are now a part of your body and must be given appropriate care for the sake of both your health and your appearance. The following are some post breast augmentation surgery tips you may wish to consider:

Massage and Compression Exercises

There are certain breast augmentation surgeons who recommend compressions exercises and breast implant massage for patients who have undergone breast augmentation surgery.



You may have been instructed to push the implant to the outside corners of the pocket a few times in a row. The implant should be moved to the right, left, up and down, and held in each position for two to three seconds.

Although simple, these exercises are essential because they often result in a decreased your risk of capsular contracture, which is the development of scar tissue around the implant. Some surgeons request that their patients perform such exercises approximately one week prior to their surgery.

Post Surgery Breast Health

Rapid Return Exercises After Breast Surgery

Rapid Return Breast Implant Exercises by Otto Placik MD. a board certified Chicago Illinois based plastic surgeon presents Post breast augmentation enhancement enlargement implant surgery arm range of motion exercises.

Breast Exams

Breast examinations and mammograms are an essential part of your post surgery maintenance care plan.

The screening guidelines that experts recommend for women who have acquired breast implants are the same as the recommendations made for women who have not had implants.

Young women in their twenties and thirties should undergo a breast exam every three years or every year if there is a history of breast cancer in the family. After age 40, a breast exam should be undergone every year.

However, the United States Preventive Services Task Force’s recommendation is that women age 50 or older only need a mammogram every two years. You should discuss this with your doctor to determine which recommendation is best for you. Breast self-exams are also encouraged, especially post breast surgery.

Premedication Considerations

Some dentists and cosmetic surgeons breast recommend that after having breast augmentation women should be given antibiotics prior to having dental work completed.

The reason for this is because bacteria and plaque that are typically found in your mouth can cause infection if they are inadvertently released into your bloodstream. Foreign bodies are a target for such bacteria and a breast implant is sometimes recognized by the body as a foreign object. You should discuss these issues with your dentist as well as your cosmetic surgeon.

Choosing an Appropriate Bra Post Breast Augmentation

It is essential to wear only bras that offer good support after having breast implant surgery. This helps to prevent sagging and tissue damage. There are several websites that offer assistance to women with regard to finding the most suitable bra.

Post Breast Augmentation Scarring

If you have concerns about post breast augmentation scars, your doctor may offer suggestions regarding treatments that will minimize the appearance of scars. It is wise to make an appointment and speak to your plastic surgery Oklahoma City surgeon and ask for his or her tips on how to best protect your body post breast augmentation surgery.

They may even have suggestions regarding on how to deal with stretch marks that may develop.

Breast augmentation OKC is one of the most popular procedures in the region, although botox Oklahoma City and rhinoplasty Oklahoma City are also very popular with residents of the area.

Such procedures require a comprehensive approach that focuses on patient care before and after surgery. If you feel that something has gone wrong following your surgery, contact your plastic surgeon at once.

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