Potty Training Boys

There comes a time for every parent of a little boy where it becomes necessary to start thinking about potty training the little tyke. It seems to be a natural thing ingrained into the DNA of every mother or father where they just “know” it is time to start making the effort and committing the time to getting the job done.

Deciding it is time for him to learn how to get the job done himself and he actually being willing and able to do it himself are two completely separate things though as every parent who has been through it will testify. The moment of truth to get serious about it usually arrives in one of those moments at the drug or grocery store after mom or dad shells out another ten or fifteen dollars for the purchase of another bundle of pull-ups and they think, “if that young man was potty trained I could probably save fifty bucks a month!”.

The following are a few things to take into consideration and remember about this sometimes very unpleasant but nevertheless necessary task.

  1. While there are courses and programs you can buy that claim to be able for you to teach your youngster how to use the toilet himself in three days, the fact of the matter is that not all, if not the majority of boys will take much longer to figure it out and get it right no matter what technique you use. This means that once you decide to make the commitment you should figure on at least three months of constant and focused effort to getting the job done.
  2. It goes without saying that every boy has a slightly different temperament and “level of care” regarding this subject. Some parents will tell you that they spent two years working with him before the little joker finally got the potty seat all figured out and it was well past the time where he should have already had the regular toilet conquered.
  3. From the time you make the decision to make the effort and take the time necessary to accomplish this task to the time it is actually done will vary from between one week (if you are incredibly lucky) to six months or more in a lot of cases.

The bottom line is this. No matter how strong willed or stubborn he is about this sometimes unpleasant duty, he will eventually get it all figured out. Hang in there, and plan on spending your hard earned dollars for a few months more on nearly every trip to the store in order to get him another bundle of pull-ups.

For a ton more information and resources on potty training boys as well as girls there is a website dedicated to this sometimes touchy subject. The website is called Potty Training Stuff. There you will find a compendium of info, tips, tricks and special potty seats and chairs that will help you quickly get beyond this often frustrating task.

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