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A 600 lb. capacity manual trailer dolly like this one sells for around $60 at Amazon.com

Power Caster has provided us with the best known trailer dollies in the market. Since 1967, they have manufactured their line of dollies that customers can be trusted due to their quality and performance.

Power Caster have created the very first electrical trailer dolly. You can maneuver your recreational vehicle trailer, boat trailer, or aluminum motorcycle trailer easily.

It takes very little exertion when using their dollies as they are powerful, user-friendly, and reliable. Its existence for 43 years is evident of its customer satisfaction ratings.

Their trailer dollies have been designed and created to meet maximum safety standards to ensure you of usage free from hazards or danger. You are also guided with their list of allowable weights that are conservative.

Their tongue load can carry as much as 500, 800, and 1,800 pounds depending on the model that you choose. This is because each of the motors in their tow dollies are 400 to 800 inches/pound of torque at the motor shaft.

Their electric trailer dollies are connected to trucks via a crank up jack or one of its adapters. They do not use the ball hitch, unlike most manual ones.

This makes the tongue of the dolly shorter so it can effectively carry heavier loads. Heavier loads then provide maximum traction. Power Caster dollies are efficient in delivering maximum traction.

The good thing also about their dollies is that they can be customized to make it flexible enough to hitch any kind of trailers. Bolt-on adapters that can be easily installed are widely available. Sockets and bushings can cover crank-up jacks of different diameters.

Each of their models comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. If it doesn’t work and still in original condition you may return it and be paid 100 % of the purchase price less shipping and handling costs. They also provide a two-year warranty for faulty parts.

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