Why I Love My Rectangle Trampoline

Trampolines are really fun to have around the house whether you have children using them or not. Grown adults can have just as much fun on a trampoline if they use a little imagination. The best part is that while you’re busy having fun, you’ll actually be getting exercise as well. The best type of trampoline is the rectangle trampoline. Of course, that is just one person’s opinion, but there are solid reasons why it is potentially true for everyone.

The first is that a rectangle trampoline fits nicely in backyards, even cramped, fenced in yards.  The problem with round trampolines is that they’re a circle.  If the fit in the backyard is tight then there won’t be any space to walk around it.  Square trampolines are better at this problem than round models, but still aren’t as solid at accomplishing the same spatial fit. A rectangular shape allows two walking paths on both sides, while a square unit will allow only a small space on all sides. Square is a step up from round in a tight space, but nothing beats a rectangle if you can fit it in length wise.

The other benefit is that it seems to be amazingly stable. When jumping really high on a round trampoline, you will quickly feel like it may topple over at any moment. This is because while the weight is distributed evenly, the force of jumping isn’t. All of the force is loaded onto one side that isn’t designed to handle a full load. It is probably rare that one actually breaks or topples, but it seems like feeling secure would have some value to most people.

The final benefit goes along with the stability really well. Rectangular trampolines allow you to do tricks without concern for falling off. Because of the length, you can be sure that there is enough real estate to catch you if you take a tumble or land awkwardly. On a round trampoline, you’re as good as on the ground if attempting serious tricks.

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