Seashell Bathroom Decor: How to Apply Nautical Knots with Stencils

If you are interested in applying the seashell bathroom decor theme, it is important that you think of designs that will compliment the look.  Rich burgundy walls make a stunning background for visual appeal.

Use strong rope nautical stencil designs to create a room that looks smart as well as functional.  Simple but stylish, the rope and knots, painted in shades of grey, can beautifully frame any wall tiles you have on display in the bathroom.

seashell bath decor

You can go all out with seashell bath decor.

Try to decorate the shower tiles in silver with compass and anchor motifs for a stunning look. Use versatile stencils to achieve the best possible contrast regarding hues. Navy blue on a white wall or cream on terracotta would give a traditional classic look.

The color scheme could incorporate burgundy, grey, silver, white and black.

To achieve best results, follow this guide:

1) Prepare the walls thoroughly, then paint them with a rich burgundy emulsion. If red is not your type of color, try dark oranges for a similar effect. Stencil the anchors and compasses motifs on the tiles using a silver ceramic tile or spray paint.

2) Decide on the positions of the rope and knots, measuring carefully to ensure that the corners fit properly and the ropes are equidistant from the tiles (this is very important, as you don’t want it to look unprofessional)

3) As you are working on a dark background, first paint the stencils white as an undercoat for the grey paint. When dry, paint the ropes in tones of grey.

When it comes to stenciling any room, always plan your designs first. Reverse your stencils when applying them to achieve maximum effect as well as dynamism within the design.  Successful home decor takes time and dedication, and although stenciling is almost an art form, with patience and care you can really create amazing visual pieces without great difficulty.

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