The wonderful world of plastics!

The world of plastic, and its debut as a material that would be used in various types of applications, took place around 1908. In comparison to many other man-made materials, plastics usage is relatively new.  There are several different types of plastics materials; each of these types of plastics have different chemical compounding and different physical properties.

It would be nearly impossible to come up with any segment of our society that did not use a plastic product for some particular purpose.  Consider the different uses for plastics in the following two industries alone, and you will see how the plastic industry has expanded in our society.

Medical Field

It is estimated that the use of plastic in the medical field will increase considerably in the next year.  Certain plastics can be sterilized much easier than any other type of material.  The flexible and lightweight properties of plastic make it a perfect material for use in the medical field.  Some of the current medical uses for plastic are medical prostheses, implants, surgical tubing and bags, syringes, gloves, trays, surgical equipment, and many more.

Car industry

One of the primary properties in plastics that the car industry finds so appealing is the lightweight property of most plastics.  The more plastic a car contains, the lighter and more fuel-efficient that car will become.  Consequently, gas tanks, car interiors, doors and body parts, engine components, and cooling fans are some of the recent applications that are using plastic.

As more industries seek out new applications and uses for plastic, we will see this unique product as a vital part of industries future. Plastics make it possible for us to accomplish amazing things in our everyday lives, yet many of us simply take the material for granted.

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