Things To Look Out For When Paying For Life Coaching

While life coaching courses vary widely in costs some of which can cost as little as $500.  It is important to consider what is the value that is being obtained in return.  A $500 course will return a $500 dollar training.  In the other hand over priced course can also robe you of your money.  A good medium is to attend a life coach course that is accredited by the ICF and most importantly it provides at least 90 hours of training. You can expect to pay any where between $3,000 and $5000, while it is not uncommon for some ranging in the $8,000 range. you must consider that if you are really looking into how to become a life coach you must be willing to invest in your coaching education.  Cutting corners now will cut you opportunities in the future.

Legitimate life coaching courses will be based on the level of training, the experience of the instructors and the number of total hours of program development. In most cases you will be required to obtain 90 hours minimum of course work including phone classes and in some cases sit in classes.  60 hours of actual coaching hours, with either other students in the program or outside clients.  Typically the schools will require 2 internal clients and 3 outside clients.  Trainers are very involved in each step of the students learning process and provide a community for each student to develop their own coaching style.

One of the most detrimental decisions you can make in your journey to become a life coach is to attend or be part of a cheap course.   Home study courses while they might sound appealing at first are completely useless.   Coaching is a people business, how are you to obtain people coaching skills in-front of the TV or in front of a computer.  Additionally attending an international based coaching school will allow you to explore the different options and explore the different beliefs of a variety of cultures around the world.  This is perhaps one of the greatest values.


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