Timeshare Points Options for an Enjoyable Vacation

timeshare points

Most companies allow you to save up your timeshare points, and even trade or sell them to others.

Timeshare is basically a type of ownership or right to use a property owned by multiple parties. The concept introduced in 1960s now represents the growing segments of the tourism and travel industry.

Timesharing is primarily embraced by resort developers, hospitality entities and premium hotel chains like Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton and Marriot.

This allows shareholders to partly own or lease furnished accommodations or property for a stipulated period of time. Timeshare investments can be achieved in several ways that include timeshare points, weekly timeshare, and comprehensive timeshares.

The points program offers high level of flexibility to property buyers. Under this program, an owner holds the privilege to purchase points or weeks on an annual basis instead of opting for the entire property time. Following this, the individual can arrange tours or plan vacations with the specific resort or hotel group.

Some high-profile resort groups like Vacation Internationale also enable the owner to use the points at various locations. The scheme helps to plan for a getaway any time depending on the number of points earned. It allows staying for a day, week or more. The program also facilitates to take a number of mini timeshare vacations in small units.

The points chart is primarily devised based on factors like hotel or resort location, popularity, amenities available, time period of the stay or vacation, number of rooms offered etc. However, the points program generally varies from each hotel or resort. It is thereby essential to check with a resale specialist before choosing a point system.


The point system is affordable and offers the freedom to plan for a travel based on ones own choice. It allows spending time in different locations and not one particular place. It does not restrict buyers to spend a vacation for the entire week like other conventional timeshare systems.

The user holds the privilege to use the remaining days and nights as per their desired needs. Above all, the user is ensured of a place to stay when booking through this system and need not wait for weeks for a confirmation. It can thus be regarded that timeshare points is worth the investment for an enjoyable vacation.

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