Cellulite and Men

Treatment for cellulite is often thought of as a worry only women need to be concerned with. Sad reality is however, even men get cellulite.

While women can get it in their thighs and legs, men often get cellulite on their abdomen and neck. It may not be as common as cellulite in women, but nevertheless, when cellulite hits men, especially those who are conscious of their image, getting rid of cellulite suddenly becomes a very real man’s problem.

Contrary to popular belief, obesity isn’t the cause of cellulite. While it is not for certain yet the exact reasons cellulite appears, it is mostly linked to the weakening of blood vessels that carry nutrients in and waste products out of different parts of the body.

It is also associated with the placement of the fat under the skin, which in men, is much deeper under than women. This is why cellulite happens more often in women than men. But as mentioned, cellulite does appear in men. There are, however, ways to prevent this from happening.

First is to have a healthy diet. Eating the proper foods, with the proper nutritional content can help prevent the onset of cellulite. In addition, proper exercise and fitness to get rid of excess fat, encourage the blood vessels’ activity, and the tightening of the skin can all help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Sometimes though, genetics can play a part in cellulite appearance and when this happens, artificial methods of getting rid of cellulite have to be employed. These may include using cellulite creams and pills, but the effectiveness of these methods is still being debated by scientists and industry experts.

Liposuction is one of the very few, if not the only artificial method that truly gets rid of cellulite. This has some inherent risks on its own, however, just like any surgery, so people interested in liposuction should know the risks and dangers beforehand.

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