Two Delicious Dessert Recipes

chocolate fondue fountain

A chocolate fondue fountain tops off most any dessert.

This dessert recipe is not only delicious, but also a vitamin booster: orange and chocolate mousse. Oranges are the perfect match for the strong flavour of dark chocolate. The preparation is very easy and only takes 35 minutes.

Ingredients for 4/6 people:
6 oranges
6 tbsp of white sugar
140gr (5 oz) dark chocolate, flaked

Peel the oranges, and keep the peel of one of them, getting rid of the white filaments, then coarsely chop it.
Remove the seeds from all the oranges, chop them and put them in a small pan with the orange zest and the sugar.. Cook on a low-medium heat for about twenty minutes. Remove from the heat and blend in a food mixer until you get a soft mousse. Let it cool to room temperature, put it in 4/6 ramekins and put them in the fridge for one hour then top with a lot of chocolate flakes.

This one is a recipe for delicious walnut and hazelnut biscuits. Here it will take even less: 15 minutes plus 30 in the oven.

Ingredients for six people:

170gr (6 oz) walnuts
170gr (6 oz) hazelnuts
6 egg whites
340gr (12 oz)sugar
1 tsp vanilla flavoured sugar

Finely grind the nuts in a food mixer. Whip the egg whites until half-firm, then start adding the sugar one tablespoon at the time until firm. Add the nuts and the vanilla sugar and stir with a wooden spoon from the bottom up.

Preheat the oven at 100ºC (212ºF). Line a baking tray with oven paper. Put the mix in a pastry bag and form little balls the size of a walnut. If you don’t have a pastry bag, take a small quantity with a tablespoon and use the palm of your hands. Lay the balls on the baking tray and bake for 30 minutes.

If you don’t like baking I have the recipe for you: tiramisu mascarpone cheese recipe. If cooking in general is  your problem, but you love chocolate more than anything else, then worry no more: a chocolate fondue fountain will solve your problem.

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