Stocking Your Craft Closet with Vintage Decoration Supplies

If you have a great stock of vintage decoration supplies on hand you can make anything from cards to actual gifts or just decorations for kitchen furniture. This can also be a base for your home decor design. Really when you choose one theme it really helps you to narrow your focus into one specific style. This ensures that your home doesn’t look cluttered and you don’t end up with a lot of things that you are never going to use.

Vintage lace has all different kinds of uses. It can be intricate enough to frame or just use it on a card depending on the value of it. Even scraps of lace can be used to create Christmas ornaments. You can really collect a lot of beautiful trim and even medallions as well as buttons from old clothes at thrift stores, although you’ll have to do a little bit of demolition.

Other vintage decoration supplies that you should have on hand are floral fabrics. This can be very country or very elegant depending on the color palette. This can really be a theme for an entire quilt where you can just mix and match a lot of these fabrics. Even if you are buying it new it’s still going to have more of a vintage air just because of the very feminine feeling.

You also want to stock up on paper that feels aged. One of the least expensive options for this is just typical brown craft paper. You can use this as wrapping paper. You can also just shop in the party favor aisle and the dollar store. Another good place to visit would be the wedding aisle. Here you can find a lot of fake jewelry such as brooches, rings, and even cameos. You might want to just paint these a metallic tone just so that it gets rid of kind of the cheesy plastic feeling. You can embellish all different kinds of pillows or artwork with these pieces.

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