Why is White Grub Control So Important?

image of white grubs

White grubs can do great damage to your lawn and garden.

Is white grub control really important?

If you love your lawn and value all the time and effort you took to keep it lovely and healthy, then you will definitely agree that white grub control is really important.

This is because all lawns and even gardens are at risk for white grub infestation. No matter how much time you devote to keep your lawn clean and well taken care of, your lawn is not exempted from this risk. This is because you might have a neighbor who does not keep his yard clean like you do.

If this is the case, your neighbor will be attracting beetles to lay grub eggs in his lawn.  A dirty lawn full of pet poop is a great habitat for grub eggs to hatch, because pet poop serves as their source of food. So if your neighbor’s lawn is infested with grubs, then you should entertain the big possibility that your lawn is affected as well.

You should inspect your lawn for any signs of white grub infestation. One indicator is if you have small dead patches of grass in your lawn. Another indicator is if your lawn easily pulls off the ground. If you have these signs, it is better to apply lawn grub control immediately, to prevent further damage to your lawn caused by these grubs.

A Few Benefits of Early Grub Control

If you are trying to control grubs in your lawn, it is of the greatest advantage if you can kill them early.

Most of the time, grub larva from beetles or moths will hatch in the early spring. They will hatch from very tiny eggs and will be quite small when they start eating your lawn. Towards the end of the summer, these grubs will be much larger.

The amount of damage that they do to your lawn grass will be a lot greater. For this reason, it is best to take care of these grubs when they are small, before they do a lot of damage.

If you know you have grubs but you wait until June or July to treat them, they may have already eaten out the tap roots of your grass plants. This means that even if you kill them, your grass will still continue to die. You may have to do a lot more expensive repair to your lawn next year, if they do more damage. So the best thing to do is to treat them with grub control formula as soon as you notice that you have them in your lawn.

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