Sweater Vest Worn By The Best

Trends do come and go but as the temperature is decreasing every single day, we try to find more ways to keep us warm. Dressing in layers will help manage your temperature. Nothing beats wearing a soft and warm knit wool sweater vest over your shirt.

You might feel a little hesitant to wear a sweat shirt, since it is often associated with your nerdy classmate in High School, right?  You might associate sweat shirts with Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter. Maybe when you think of a sweater vest, you remember your grandmother’s gift when you were five. Or maybe you remember your Biology teacher wearing one. Times have changed and sweater vests can be very stylish for men and women of all ages.

Let me prove to you how sweater vests can be stylish. Ellen De Generes, Tiger Woods, Kim Kardashian, Charlize Theron and Blake Lively all wear sweater vests. A sweater vest looked great on them and it would look great on you as well!

Sweaters vests for men are usually plain, V-neck sleeveless vests although some come with classic patterns like the overlapping diamonds but not limited to it. This can be made of polyester wool or cotton. You can pair this up with any T-shirt or long sleeves top and jeans.

Women’s sweater vests are more stylish and form fitting. Women’s sweater vests usually come in neutral colors like black, gray and white but are available in all colors you could think of in the color palette system. The length of women’s sweater vest varies. It could be short or very long, like 2 feet below your waist.

They look great with plaid skirts. Currently, the more popular sweater vest for women is often times worn to look like a shawl as popularized by Hollywood stars. Now, go ahead and don’t be scared. Whether you are a man or a woman, try on a sweater vest! It will look hot!

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