Your Kitchen Spice Rack Options

kitchen cupboard spice rack

Kitchen cupboard spice rack

Spice racks, while we know they hold spices, also serve many other purposes.

One of those is to save space.  If you weren’t using a spice rack or spice turntable, you’d have to keep all of your spices in a cabinet together.

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Some of the spice containers would be different sizes, and they’d take up probably an entire shelf in your cupboards.

A spice rack keeps them all in one place.  Another benefit of them being all in one place is that you can keep them properly organized so that you can find the spice you are needing when you are cooking.

Here are some of the styles of spice racks that are quite popular.

wall mount spice rack

Wall mount spice rack

Wall and Door Spice Racks

Wall spice racks are great because you can place them on the wall in your kitchen, or even on the inside of a cupboard door so that you have easy access to your spices when you are cooking.  

The down side of wall spice racks is that they usually can only hold a little bit of spices, at least a lot less than other types of spices.

If you only use a few spices in your cooking, this may be an elegant solution for you and your kitchen.

They are great for those who do not use a lot of different spices in their recipes, and for those who only need to have a convenient place to hold their salt, pepper, garlic, or other things that they frequently need such as honey and the like.

Cabinet spice racks (seen at the top of the page), also called a kitchen spice cabinet, are great because they keep the spices out of view, but can actually hold a lot of spices.  

A pull out spice rack with pull out drawers usually takes up a good portion of a shelf in your cabinet.  You may be thinking, “Can’t I just place my spices in the cabinet?”  

The problem with that is that you will not use up all of the vertical space of the shelves, and so you probably wouldn’t be able to hold as many spices.

stainless steel carousel spice rack

Carousel Spice Rack

Carousel Spice Racks

A carousel spice rack utilizing a spinning turntable on the bottom to be able to maximize how many spices you can hold.

Because you can store spices on all sides and have access to all of the spices with a simple spin, carousel spice racks are quite popular, especially for those who have a little bit of extra counter space.

This type of spice turntable is also good for those who do a lot of cooking and need to have their spices always at the ready.


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