Month: February 2013

Electronics Booming in 2013

As we all know, technology is not slowing down nor is it moving backward. New ideas and creations pop up daily, and with so many graduates coming out of school with technology degrees and business degrees, the platform for new…

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What’s Keek?

If you haven’t heard of Keek yet, you will. ┬áThis new social networking site released its mobile app in March of 2012, resulting in an explosion of popularity. ┬áLast August alone, the site received nearly 250 million page views and…

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Quick Guide to Starting a High School T-Shirt Fundraiser

Running a student-sponsored fundraiser is tough work, especially when your project team consists of just a small group of people. The good news is that ordering and selling t-shirts is one of the easier ways to raise funds for your…

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