What’s Keek?

If you haven’t heard of Keek yet, you will.  This new social networking site released its mobile app in March of 2012, resulting in an explosion of popularity.  Last August alone, the site received nearly 250 million page views and 21 million visits. The site has a total of about 6.4 million videos, with 66,000 videos created per day.

Keek is like a video Instagram.  Users of the site upload short video status updates called keeks using the mobile app or a webcam.  People respond to these videos with video comments or “keekbacks”.  Users who are following each other can also send private keeks.  The site keeps track of popular topics and engagement patterns called Klusters, where you can explore and join in on what people are talking about and what’s happening in the Keek world.

Keek is one of the newest and fastest ways to share videos with your friends and it’s also becoming a marketing platform for businesses – just like Pinterest, You Tube, and LindedIn.  You can check out Keek.com by clicking here.

Source: Uploaded by user via Julia Doherty – Social Media Geek on Pinterest


Here’s an example of what people are keeking:

Feb 20, 2013 | My first American keek by BeauB on Keek.com

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