Electronics Booming in 2013

As we all know, technology is not slowing down nor is it moving backward. New ideas and creations pop up daily, and with so many graduates coming out of school with technology degrees and business degrees, the platform for new products is vast.

Exciting Times!

We can trust that 2013 will bring another amazing display of technological fascinations – and improvements to the already cutting edge technologies such as the EEG Headsets from Emotiv.

samsung un55eh6000 55 inch tv image

Samsung makes a very popular 55 inch TV, but much bigger ones are already here – and getting bigger.

Televisions Growing In Size

Televisions in the past 5 years have grown larger, crisper, clearer and more realistic. Instead of paying $10 or more at a 3D theater, you can enjoy the 3D feel from the comfort of your own home.

At the 2013 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in January 2013, the talk of televisions and their size was very much on topic.

Televisions are now growing from 50 and 60 inches, which lets remember is almost 5 times as large as the first marketed television, to sizes like 85 inch screens, which are coming from companies such as Samsung, Sony, LG, and many more.

These newer, larger televisions will be available mid summer and after.

Driverless Cars

Even though the newest technology may be pricey and high end, it doesn’t hurt to imagine how cool it would be to be a part of it all. Lexus revealed a futuristic invention, which Google has been in media for previously, which involves one of their beautiful vehicles, and the simplicity of digital technology.

The car would essentially “drive on its own” and let the user cross transportation of their daily to-do list. It is just a concept now, but the Advanced Active Safety Research Vehicle is definitely in our sights.

Tablets and Gadgets Boom

When traveling, having reassurance that your flight is on time; your bus is arriving safely, and so on, can be luxuries that smart phones and tablets can provide. Imagine being so sure your trip will go smoothly, that even your luggage is being tracked.


Trakdot was introduced this year and its SIM card is placed in your luggage. Even if the baggage does not arrive where you do, you can be assured where it is through the website, texts, or email notifications.


Lenovo has never ceased to amaze us and is constantly a top manufacturer of laptops and desktops. They are now raising the bar with their 27 inch Table PC.  It supports Windows 8 and even includes gaming equipment. Multiple users can access the device simultaneously. Imagine a tablet, combined with Xbox, combined with a Smart TV. The possibilities are endless.

Of course you can always stay current with this year’s technology by contacting a home automation company near you, or you can subscribe to any number of technology website feeds via Twitter, RSS, Facebook, or just about any of the other top social networks out there where your favorite electronics and gadgets provider has a page.

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