3 Common Wedding Problems

common wedding problems

3 Tips to help you avoid potential wedding problems

I was thinking of emailing my wedding invitation and thank-you notes but my mum thinks that’s too impersonal. Is she right?

Email is a huge part of our lives these days but there’s nothing special about it. There’s something lovely about receiving a beautiful invitation by mail and then a handwritten thank-you note for the wedding gift you’ve taken time to pick out. The only exception is if your wedding is very informal and less than a month away. So yes, mum’s right on this occasion.

By the way it’s also considered bad form to send wedding gift registry details out with your wedding invitation. Often it’s left to the mother of the bride to inform everyone.

I am close to both my father and my stepfather. Which one should I ask to walk me down the aisle?

Sometimes you just have to forget tradition. If you’ve got two dads and you don’t want to offend either of them why not have both walk you down the aisle?  Alternatively you could ask your mum, your best friend, your children or your groom to do it instead. Or you could be an independent bride and walk down the aisle solo.

If none of these options suit then you should confide your dilemma to your fathers – most likely one of them will be happy to stand aside. Or perhaps you could ask one dad to make the speech and the other to give you away.

One of my guests has a tendency to drink too much and misbehave. How can I make sure that doesn’t happen?

This is the last thing you want to be worrying about on your wedding day so you need a game plan. One option is to meet with your bartender beforehand and give him names and photos of guests who have a reputation for overdoing it.

A good bartender will know how to be firm without being insulting and may also be able to sneak a few low-alcohol drinks through. You could also designate a family member to be your guest’s ‘minder’ and keep him or her away from the bar.

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