Selecting Garden Lighting Fixtures

garden lighting and backyard lights

Enhance your backyard or garden with proper lighting

Gardens without proper lighting at night would appear to be so ordinary, even the owners of the garden would hardly be appreciative of its beauty. To remedy this situation, it would greatly help to install garden lighting.

Garden lighting is made up of small light bulbs and their lights focus only on a small area such as certain garden features. These lights function mainly in providing illumination and accenting the garden at night. But over time these lights have been used as decoration to the garden. These lights are now placed in strategic positions so that when they light up, they create a dramatic scene to your garden. Other garden lights are even being revolutionized for security purposes and are attached with motion sensors so that homeowners can be alerted if any burglary occurs in their premises.

Garden backyard lights are then further classified according to characteristic and function. The most popular type is the ambience lighting. These are lights responsible for that hazy albeit romantic look of your garden because they are composed of small light bulbs of different colors. They are mainly used to accentuate and not really to illuminate.

The second type which is particularly familiar is the floodlight lighting. Spotlights are the prime movers of this type of lighting since it casts light at a wider area. Floodlights are not so much used unless there are activities held in the garden at night.

The third type of garden lighting is feature light. They are not really labeled as a type of lighting because bulbs for floodlight and ambience lighting can be used as feature lights. They serve their function in featuring fixtures in the garden such as ceramic jars, statues, water fountain, trees or flower beds. Anything that the homeowners feel would be worthwhile gazing at at night can be installed with feature lights. The last kind of garden lighting is called security lighting. This provides security to your home by lighting up landscaping around your home.

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