7 Revealing Reiki Techniques Guaranteed To Help You

It is believed that every human possesses a unique flow of energy within. This energy potency to heal is dormant until it’s unlocked.  Unlocking this power brings healing and wholeness to the body.

reiki for life bookUnfortunately, not everyone has the ability of unlocking reiki healing power except if they undergo a series of training that enables them to perform the healing techniques on themselves and others.

If you would like to learn the health potentials of reiki, read on.

Using reiki for healing

Learning reiki to gain healing involves observing some rules that includes allowing a reiki master to pass on health reviving techniques to you in the process of attunement procedures.

At the end of the attunement practice, you will possess reiki for life, which will enable you practice it on yourself and when the occasion calls for it, on others too. That said, learn how to use it to regain good health.

1. You need reiki masters

As a rule, you need reiki gurus to transfer the power of reiki to you before you can be certified to use it.

This is why you have to look for a reiki guru in your area. To find reiki masters quickly and conveniently, go online and search for it. Alternatively, you can search in spas and yoga centers.

2. The attunement learning technique

The next step is to undergo training on the history of reiki in the attunement course.

The history of this art will empower you with the knowledge that will enable you to understand the workings and success of reiki. Understanding the art and its success will build faith about the art in you thus enabling you to achieve the best result.

3. Learning parts of the body

Learning parts of the body is another prerequisite to gaining reiki knowledge. According to reiki doctrine, each part of the body represents energy file spots. During training, the master will point different parts of the body to you.

4. Learn different hand positions

The reiki master will teach you various hand positions, you are to learn it and master it if you want reiki to work for you.

5. Practice makes perfect

To gain perfection on your training, you must practice what you have learned constantly – preferably on a daily basis.

6. Wash your hands in cold water

After each reiki training session, you are to remove the energy by washing your hands in cold water.

All in all, these are some of the reiki training techniques that you must master to gain true healing. Have fun and stay true to reiki!

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