Three Common Designs For Patios

People spend lots of money in building or buying their homes. The process does not only cost them money but also energy and time. With all these, it is important that one continues with the maintenance by improving the home not only for protection purposes but also for beauty and property value.

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Having a patio in your home provides a great outdoor experience for you and your family to spend some quality time together.

To enjoy your time in a patio, you ought to choose from the many great patio designs available as long as the design will add to the elegance look and value of your home.

Most of these modern designs have incorporated newer features such as having a full functional food preparation area, fire pits and barbeque grills. There are many types of designs from which you and your family can choose from.

The most common patio designs are:

Attached patio


Just as the name suggests this type of patio is an open air design and is located next to a larger structure.  If it has a roof it is normally attached to the wall or connects to the roof of your house.

With this kind of design, you can have your patio’s roof connected directly to the homes existing roof by tying into the home’s rafters or using the homes fascia boards. Alternatively, this design can be made such that the patio roof is connected to the home’s existing walls by using a support board called ledger.

Detached Patio or Gazebo

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This is a form of design where the patio is a stand alone and sits at some distance away from any other structures. Many people call this a Gazebo.

They are usually not all that big, but usually big enough to install a small bistro table and chairs set.  They can be installed in the garden or decorative landscaping that connects to the residence.

With this design, the sides are left open but the roof can be completely covered for protection from any form of elements. The sides are left open or are partly covered with some form of decorative framing like trellises or arbors.

Enclosed patio

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This design is enclosed from all sides, both from the top and its sides. It has wall covering, windows and even doors.

Instead of having a fully functional door, this type of design often implements the use of screened openings. This design offers your family protection from harsh weather elements because they are fully enclosed.

These types of patios are often referred to as sunrooms or screened-in patios, and some say are a similar take on the popular European summer houses – only they are usually attached to the house.

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