A Point-Blank Review Of The Ladybug XL2300 Home Steamer

Ladybug steam cleaners are a line of steam based appliances manufactured by Advanced Vapor Technologies (ADVAP) a company based in the United States.

Many consumers are aware of the Ladybug range of steamers. These steamers are generally considered top-of-the-line appliances designed for use in a home setting.

The growing use of steam cleaners to disinfect and sanitize surfaces has propelled the importance of using something like the Ladybug systems into the national spotlight.

Ladybug xl2300 steam cleaner

Steam cleaners for cleaning and disinfecting the home are gaining in popularity.

In many ways the appliances are a cut above the rest.  One of the most talked about steam cleaner models from Ladybug which is the subject of this review is the Ladybug XL2300.

The following are the good and the bad of this steam cleaner. Hopefully, what follows will help steamer shoppers make an informed decision.

The Good

There is no doubt that the XL2300 is a dry vapor steam cleaner. This simply means it produces very dry steam which is more effective in cleaning all manner of surfaces and items such as floor tiles, fabric, upholstery and windows.

This model can also be considered an engine steam cleaner and a hard floor steamer.

At 1700 watts there is good reason to expect this steamer to do a marvelous job in disinfecting surfaces. The steam produced is extremely hot at 278 Degrees.

Hardly can any germs or bacteria survive at this temperature. This is essentially what sets apart Ladybug steam cleaners from the rest.

More Positive Factors

The other positive aspect to consider about the XL2300 is the fact that it is a durable piece of equipment. There is clearly much time, effort, and engineering that has been invested into the design and performance of this model.

It has a stainless steel boiler one important indicator of a steam cleaner built not only to be very hot but also to last very long. The steam cleaner comes with an 8 year warranty which is rare to find all across the industry due to the poor quality of steam cleaners from competing manufacturers.

The XL2300 has also received praise for having an on-board storage facility of all the attachments and some of the accessories that comes with the appliance. You may follow this link to a resource that deals in detail about steam cleaner accessories and parts.

The Bad

Price is really a factor that disappoints many when it comes to the XL2300.

True, the steam cleaner is very effective. However, the price is out of this world in the eyes of many. In many places including online this steamer costs at least $1450.00.

This is way beyond what many people can afford considering that the most popular steam cleaners inferior to this model cost under $100.00. Second, the on-board storage known as the caddy increases the weight of the steam cleaner.


This is a wise investment. Not only will it deliver on your home cleaning demands, it will also last you a very long time in good service. The truth is the amount of detergent expenses saved and the total cost of replacement of a poorer quality steam cleaner every two years will justify buying this machine for the long haul.

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