How To Afford Your Own Personal Home Gym

During these times of economic uncertainty a lot of people cannot afford to get a pricey gym membership, or may not even have the time and money to afford the gas to drive to a gym and back.

In such cases, it is always better to get your own gym equipment – however you don’t need to worry so much about the cost because these days it is real easy to get the stuff you need much more cheaply than buying new – it’s time to check out used or refurbished gym equipment that comes with a warranty.

refurbished home gym equipment

You can purchase refurbished home gym equipment at a variety of online retailers - often for half the price you would pay for new stuff.

Benefits of Refurbished Home Gym Equipment

  • Having your own gym equipment has a variety of benefits, some of which are listed below:

One of the foremost benefits is your health. Of course, you do not want to take a risk with respect to your health.

In today’s time and age of hassle and hurry we all need to take time to relax, and the best way to do that is to exercise.

Exercise helps you channel your energy into something positive instead of fretting about everyday chores.

As mentioned earlier, a home gym means that you do not have to worry about taking out time to go to a gym.  You can save a lot of time.

While working out, you can even multitask, you can watch the presentation you made for the next day while jogging on your treadmill, or you can use the exercise machine while overseeing your children’s homework.

There are many ways to exercise that will enable you to multitask and thus save your valuable time.

Save Money

Another very important benefit of having gym equipment at home is that you can save a lot of money.  Joining a gym can be quite expensive, as they charge you not only for the equipment in use but there are also many hidden costs, let alone the money that you spend on fuel/petrol.


You are probably thinking that it is a good idea to buy second hand equipment to save some money – but is it reliable enough?

The answer to this question is that most companies selling second hand equipment offer warranties. Most companies sell equipment which can be overhauled and taken apart to be cleaned. Thus, the equipment won’t look like something bought second hand, it will look absolutely new.

Professional Help

If you still have any problem with the fitness equipment that you have bought, you need to contact the professionals. In other words, you should contact the company which you bought it from, most companies are very cooperative and they will probably send someone to fix your equipment.

Take a Look

Before buying the equipment, go to the store and have a look at the merchandise. You can even test it out. This will help you pinpoint any damage or problematic areas and you can tell the company to amend them before sending the piece to you. Some companies even let you take the equipment home for a trial period so that you are completely satisfied.

Instead of having to worry about transportation and making monthly payments to a fancy gym, create your own gym at home. However, before buying the equipment, remember to take a look at the merchandise and make sure that you know what the warranty covers and for how long.

What Sort Of Equipment?

If you are into building muscle then you probably want to get some sort of weight set for your weight lifting routine, but if cardio and burning fat are your top priorities then you should consider an indoor rowing machine, an elliptical trainer, or even a treadmill.

Many people do just fine with a small set of adjustable free weights and a stationary bike or just a DVD of a home workout routine to help them keep their weight down and maintain at least a moderate level of fitness throughout the year.

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