All Types of Outdoor Copper Lanterns

outdoor copper gas lantern

Outdoor lanterns come in a variety of kinds and styles

When you are considering buying outdoor copper lanterns you may want to ask yourself what type you are looking for. There are several types of  lanterns yet they can be classified into three: candle,  electric powered and copper gas lanterns.

More or less, these lanterns all look so much a like and most of the time people would not be able to tell the difference, unless they look closely. Lanterns add accent to your outdoors especially at night, when it creates a rather dreamy and romantic atmosphere.

If you go with candle lanterns there are quite a number of designs available either at a department store, hardware store or online. If you search online you will certainly come up with a thousand results but just review the top 20 or less when you are browsing through pages to find the design you are looking for. Candle lanterns are considered cheap or affordable to most people.

Some do not prefer candle lanterns though, thinking that it is rather dangerous if close to fire perilous materials. This is not true most of the time since most of the candle lanterns designed is built with safe candle holders within the lantern. So long as you properly position the candle inside the holder and avoid hanging your lanterns near trees, wood, paper or anywhere that can easily catch fire, then it is safe.

Gas and electric powered lanterns speak for themselves.  Gas lanterns need gas in order to be lit while electric powered lanterns, of course, need electricity to work. Electric powered lanterns are considered more expensive than other types yet it is widely preferred by most people. It is safer than most lanterns as well. Several designs can also be found online for gas and electric type of lanterns so you may want to start your search.

The design and size of your lantern also matters considerably since it must blend with your outdoor environment. It is safer not to choose designs that are just too expensive since you may need to purchase more than one lantern if you are planning to set them up outdoors. Just find the most affordable yet durable outdoor copper lanterns you can find to create a warm and cozy environment outdoors.

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