Low Calorie Mixed Drinks

low calorie cocktails

Many mixed drinks have a much higher calorie count than most people imagine.

If you’re watching your weight you’ll definitely want to avoid these five drinks the next time you’re at the bar.  That is unless you enjoy mixed drinks with the caloric equivalent of a McDonald’s Big Mac or Wendy’s Double Cheeseburger.  These five drinks will certainly get you tanked, but you might up with a tank of gut because of them too.

With an ounce each of vodka, gin, tequila, rum and triple sec, the Long Island Iced Tea is one of the worst drinks you can order.  Throw in a splash of coke, simple syrup and lemon juice and it gets even worse.  In fact some long iced tea recipes contain up to 543 calories.  That’s more than a McDonald’s Big Mac.  While one cocktail certainly has enough alcohol to make  you feel buzzed, drinking just a few of these drinks will be a buzz-kill to your social life when that belly starts to turn the hotties away.

Think twice about ordering a Piña Colada and setting sail for some tropical island in your mind.  Unless of course that island is Samoa and you’re wanting to fit in with the giant Samoan locals.  The average Piña Colada has more than 580 calories.  Sure they taste great, but they’ll kill your diet in a hurry and are packed with sugar, not to mention they also contain about 10% of your body’s daily recommendation of saturated fat.  These are not high quality low calorie cocktails.

If you’re just in the tropical mood, be sure to steer clear of the Mai Tai as well.  A 9 ounce Mai Tai contains a whopping 620 calories.  Drink a Mojito instead, at less than 200 calories it’s much better for you and lets you keep thinking those tropical thoughts.

Unless you’re in Russia and need to keep warm in sub zero temperatures, you’ll want to avoid drinking too many White Russians.  Not only does the White Russian account for 425 calories, but it has a high fat content as well.

We all love margaritas, especially in those fish bowl sized glasses.  But the bigger the glass, the bigger you’re waistline can become. A 12 ounce margarita contains close to  700 calories.  If you just can’t live without this fruity frozen concoction stick with the 4 ounce variety (197 calories) and save yourself the hassle of having to shop for a new wardrobe.  Going with the best low calorie diet cocktails will help you feel better about yourself and save on new clothes.

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