Extreme Tiredness Explained

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There are many possible solutions to your being always tired. Extreme tiredness almost always has an underlying health problem.

How bad is it, are you always tired?  Feeling your body energy sip away and deteriorate every day and no matter how much you rest, the more you eat and harder you try not to engage in activities that will use even more energy. Does nothing ever seem to work?

This may seem normal for some time until it reaches a point your productivity has gone to the dogs, you cannot even do the simplest tasks without procrastinating, you feel always tired, hungry and even sleepy all the time.

Feeling tired is a normal thing. The body will feel tired after you have had a long day at work or you have spent a lot of energy in some physical activities. However, if the tiredness is constant and recurring, it is possible that you are suffering from extreme tiredness, a condition that is characterized mainly by unaccountable lack of energy in the body.

What causes tiredness?

Well, the first thing you will need to do is established what causes tiredness. There are many causes of tiredness and they usually vary by individual and circumstance. In this list are some of the prevalent causes of tiredness you need to start with although your tiredness may be caused by some other things on this list.

a) Psychological problems – These problems may result from depression, loss of a loved one, divorce, stress, difficulties at work or even harassment by other motorists in traffic. It leads to both mental and physical tiredness as well as loss of sleep.

b) Illnesses – Some diseases such as anemia, diabetes and cancer have tiredness as one of the initial symptoms. Other diseases that you will need to be checked include flu, malaria, thyroid disorders, Lyme disease, hemochromatosis and fibromyalgia.

c) Unhealthy lifestyle – People who lead sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy lives will experience chronic tiredness because they simply do not treat their bodies that well. You need to engage in physical activity like exercise regularly to keep your muscles strong and you need to listen to your body.

d) Poor diet and dietary habits – You are what you eat. Do you know the content of the food you eat and their effects on your body? Good foods are often beneficial to your body and should contribute to growth and development. Some bad foods you need to minimize are sugary foods, bad animal fats and processed carbohydrates.

e) Dangerous substances – There are substances that we get used to without knowing that they are not so good for the performance of our bodies. These substances include alcohol, caffeine in tea and caffeine, nicotine in cigarette smoke and a ton of other substances you need to watch out for.

In order to get rid of tiredness permanently, it is best to use natural, lifestyle modification technique after identifying the cause. When you deal with the root of the problem, you will easily and effectively get rid of the problem. An important point to note though, it is best not to use quick fix remedies such as using anti-depressant drugs, energy drinks and other substances that may have side effects.

If you have determined that your situation is due to lack of proper sleep then maybe it is time for your mattress to be updated.

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